Lift Ticket Vouchers

The Christmas Day pass sale will run through Christmas eve at 3:00 p.m

Online tickets are $2 more per ticket to cover the extra handling, packing, and shipping.  If you do not want to pay the increased price, please purchase in person at the Logan business office or the Mountain ticket window.

This item is a ticket voucher that will be redeemed at the mountain ticket office on the day you intend to ride.  These items are not intended to be purchased online and used the same day.  It is a great option to be used as a gift or a way to stockpile some vouchers to be able to ride any time you would like. 

All orders take 24 hours to process.  Will-call vouchers are not intended to save time at the mountain ticket window.  Will-call is a great way to deliver vouchers if purchasing as a gift. If you are purchasing tickets for yourself, consider purchasing at the ticket window instead on the day you would like to ride. 

The actual voucher must be present at the time of redemption.  Emails, order details, etc. will not be accepted.